Current Election Info

As the Elections Administrator for Rockwall County I want to take this opportunity to provide some general information about the upcoming election.

If you registered to vote through DPS, please verify that your registration has been processed and you are an active voter. Check here to see if you are registered and what precinct you are in:…

Here is the website for the Elections Office where you will find information and links to party pages, as well as other useful information.

The Elections Office is located at 915 Whitmore Dr., Suite D (the same plaza where DPS is located)

I encourage all of you to vote early. There are roughly 56,000 registered voters in the County of Rockwall. Historical data indicates that the voter turnout will be over 75%. Typically about 50% of the citizens vote during the early voting period, so the potential for huge turnout (and lines on Election Day exists). The county has purchased additional equipment to offset this as well as a robust package of paper ballots. I say all that to say this: VOTE EARLY!


EARLY VOTING TAKES PLACE OCTOBER 24th – NOVEMBER 4th (see website for times and locations)

Check your registration status here:…

We will publish sample ballots on our website as soon as they are available

We at the Elections Office are here to help all citizens of the County and facilitate the best possible experience during all elections. Please feel free to call my office any time and I will be happy to assist you or answer any questions.

Christopher J. Lynch

Elections Administrator, Rockwall County